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#1 in Jax Beach, FL

#1 in Jax Beach, FL

Real Experience. Real Expertise.

Nate Riggs is a Broker Associate at Someday Homes Realty in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Together with his wife, Shawna Riggs, they make up The Riggs Group and are regarded as the #1 husband & wife real estate team in Jacksonville Beach, FL. They specialize in listing the finest luxury properties on the North East Coast of Florida.

Having lived in Jacksonville for nearly two decades, Nate & Shawna understand what makes North East Florida so special. Their deep passion for the community and expertise as real estate experts ensure smooth transactions and satisfied clients. They’ve has taken careful time in assembling the best team for taking you from contract to closing and selected their industry partnerships wisely based on these core values:

•We are Consistent
•We have Integrity
•And we Love People

Whether you’re interested in the beaches, downtown, or the suburbs, The Riggs Group has the knowledge and experience that can guide you through the home selling & buying process. Their expertise in negotiation and marketing and access to real-time market data paired with a love for the community is what makes them true local experts.

Your needs come first! Visualize your dream scenario for buying your home. What’s the one thing that would have to happen to make that dream scenario a reality? How can The Riggs Group make that happen for you? If you want help answering these questions, message us today to receive a free guide.

Nate and his wife Shawna are both proud Navy Veterans. To this day they maintain close relationships with active and veteran service members alike and value being an advocate they can trust.

What’s keeping you from working with the best? 

The future belongs to you!