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Monthly Archives: January 2024

    2 of the Factors That Impact Mortgage Rates

    By Nate Riggs | January 30, 2024

    If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ve probably been paying close attention to mortgage rates. Over the last couple of years, they hit record lows, rose dramatically, and are now dropping back down a bit. Ever wonder why? The answer is complicated because there’s a lot that can influence mortgage rates. Here are just a few... Read More

    Will a Silver Tsunami Change the 2024 Housing Market?

    By Nate Riggs | January 29, 2024

    Have you ever heard the term “Silver Tsunami” and wondered what it’s all about? If so, that might be because there’s been lot of talk about it online recently. Let’s dive into what it is and why it won’t drastically impact the housing market. What Does Silver Tsunami Mean? A recent article from HousingWire calls it: “. . .... Read More

    Why It’s More Affordable To Buy a Home This Year

    By Nate Riggs | January 29, 2024

    Some Highlights Home affordability depends on three factors: mortgage rates, home prices, and wages. Mortgage rates are down from their recent peak, home prices are expected to rise at a slower pace, and wages are increasing faster than usual. That’s good news if you want to buy a home because it means affordability is getting better. Read More

    The Top Benefits of Buying a Multi-Generational Home

    By Nate Riggs | January 29, 2024

    Has the idea of sharing a home with loved ones like your grandparents, parents, or other relatives crossed your mind? If so, you’re not alone. More buyers are choosing to go this route and buy a multi-generational home. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons why, to see if a home like this... Read More

    Are More Homeowners Selling as Mortgage Rates Come Down?

    By Nate Riggs | January 29, 2024

    If you’re looking to buy a home, the recent downward trend in mortgage rates is good news because it helps with affordability. But there’s another way this benefits you – it may inspire more homeowners to put their houses up for sale. The Mortgage Rate Lock-In Effect Over the past year, one factor that’s really limited the options... Read More

    Experts Project Home Prices Will Increase in 2024

    By Nate Riggs | January 29, 2024

    Even though home prices are going up nationally, some people are still worried they might come down. In fact, a recent survey from Fannie Mae found that 24% of people think home prices will actually decline over the next 12 months. That means almost one out of every four people are dealing with that fear, and you might be,... Read More

    3 Must-Do’s When Selling Your House in 2024

    By Nate Riggs | January 29, 2024

    If one of the goals on your list is selling your house and making a move this year, you’re likely juggling a mix of excitement about what’s ahead and feeling a little sentimental about your current home. A great way to balance those emotions and make sure you’re confident in your decision is to keep these three best practices... Read More

    Key Terms Every Homebuyer Should Learn

    By Nate Riggs | January 19, 2024

    Some Highlights Buying a home is a big deal and can feel especially complicated if you don’t know the terms used during the process. If you want to become a homeowner this year, it’s a good idea to learn these key housing terms and understand how they relate to the current housing market. That will help you feel confident when you buy a home. Let’s connect so you can get expert... Read More

    3 Key Factors Affecting Home Affordability

    By Nate Riggs | January 18, 2024

    Over the past year, a lot of people have been talking about housing affordability and how tight it’s gotten. But just recently, there’s been a little bit of relief on that front. Mortgage rates have gone down since their most recent peak in October. But there’s more to being able to afford a home than just mortgage rates. To... Read More

    2 Reasons Why Today’s Mortgage Rate Trend Is Good for Sellers

    By Nate Riggs | January 17, 2024

    If you’ve been holding off on selling your house to make a move because you felt mortgage rates were too high, their recent downward trend is exciting news for you. Mortgage rates have descended since last October when they hit 7.79%. In fact, they’ve been below 7% for over a month now (see graph below): And while they’re not... Read More