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Five Reasons You Should Live In Jacksonville

Why you should live in Jacksonville

Have you ever thought about what makes our city so great? I’ve lived in Jacksonville since December 2006. I’ve had several opportunities to leave but when it came down to making a decision on what to do I have always stayed. Why? I believe this is the greatest city in Florida and that it is full of opportunity. Now when I say Jacksonville I don’t just mean downtown or within the city limits, when I say Jacksonville I’m referencing Duval and the surrounding five counties that make up North East Florida. North East Florida has it all.

Location. Situated on the far North East corner of the state, Jacksonville is positioned not just for ease of travel to other Florida cities but also to other destinations nationally and internationally. A quick commuter flight gets you to Atlanta where you can go anywhere in the world, a two hour drive and you’re in Orlando visiting world class theme parks and entertainment, or if you walk out your back door your most likely surrounded by some of the nation’s most beautiful waterfront. Jacksonville offers all different kinds of waterfront living from lakes, rivers, and the ocean front.

Entertainment. Whether you are looking for sports, concerts, or nightlife Jacksonville is the place for you. The downtown sports complex should be the envy of all majors cities. All major sporting arenas and stadiums are within walking distance from each other with food and micro breweries and with the recent installment of Daily’s Place, an open air covered amphitheater, you can catch a small local band at the local venues all the way up to bands like Kidd Rock or The Rolling Stones at the stadium.

Schools. North East Florida is home to the number one school zone in the state of Florida. Do I need to say more? If you’re raising a young family and live in Jacksonville you have access to all the grown up fun we just talked about while still putting your kids and family first. With 2,100 school zones in the state of Florida this is no small feat and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Cost of living. The cost of living in Jacksonville is 8% lower than the state average and 6% national average. This list just keeps getting better. Move to Jacksonville where you can live on the water, travel with ease, enjoy world class sports and entertainment while your kids go to the number one schools in the state and you can do it all for less money than anywhere else! No wonder so many people are moving to Jacksonville year over year. The cost of living is 32% less in Jacksonville than it is in Miami.

The future and your equity. Move to Jacksonville today and tomorrow cash in on your equity. While the cost of living is less today it is likely that it won’t always stay that way, Jacksonville will catch up. For example, today you may be able to purchase a home in Jacksonville for $500,000 that in Miami or Tampa Bay area is a $900,000 home. It is likely that within a few years the home price point in North East Florida will catch up to the prices in Southern Florida. Will they ever be the same? Hard to say, there are so many factors but with the continued development of downtown and the rising interest in moving to Jacksonville from out of state supply and demand 101 tells us that home prices will continue to rise in Jacksonville.

I love my city and honestly I can’t really imagine living anywhere else. This was a list of five reasons but I could go on and on and I’m sure in the future this will continue with Five More Reasons Why You Should Live In Jacksonville.

The Future Belongs To You

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