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Renter To Homeowner In Six Months

How To Go From Renter To Homeowner In Six Months

This week on This is Florida Nate and Josh layout the roadmap for going from renter to homeowner in six months. First they share some of the latest and greatest swag mankind has to offer. When you sign up with The Riggs Group you are going to be gifted with so much swag you won’t know what to do.

Step one: Assemble your team. At The Riggs Group, we make it easy for you. The modern day real estate team is totally different than the team of yesteryear. The modern team consist of an agent who has already built a team of professionals including the lender and home inspector. The old team model was just a lead agent who found leads and dished them out to other agents on their team. Sellers and buyers were expected to find all the other industry professionals like lenders and home inspectors a la carte on their own.

Step two: Become a student of the financial and real estate market. You have interviewed and hired the best real estate team. They have worked with you to establish your budget and build a home search for you based on your wants and needs. Start studying the market so that when you go out and physically see homes you will know if what you are looking at is a good deal or not and whether you should make an offer on that home.

Step three: Lock down your finances. Start living intentionally. Your main focus should be purchasing your home and not going out with your friends. It will be worth it.

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